How to grow your Mailing list with 30 proven ways

30 Ways to Get More Clients & Customers on Your Mailing List

You've heard the benefits of growing your mailing list, 
but sometimes it seems like too much darned work.

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Maybe. Maybe not.

Because have you ever considered how hard you have 
to work when you DON'T have a list?

It's one of the biggest mistakes of a freelancer. 
You get bogged down in client work and then suddenly, 
a few clients drop off. 
You have to scramble to fill that space 
in your client calendar, 
but wouldn't it be much easier 
if you already had a mailing list of potential clients?

Or what if you're an information product creator 
or ebook author? 
You get really excited about you next release, 
but nothing happens...
because you don't have a captive audience to sell it to. 
Imagine if each time you released a new product or book, 
your readers were just waiting to buy.

As a writer, 
there is no reason why you can't have 
a ready source of clients and customers. 
You've already got the writing talent 
that makes it easy to grow your list. 
Put those skills to work 
with these proven list building ideas.

* Offer a useful free gift. 
This is one of the most common and popular tactics 
for building a list. 
Give your visitors something for free if they sign up. 
It could be a report, checklist, worksheet, 
video or anything you can think of. 
Remember, if you want your clients to hire you 
to write for them, 
don't teach them how to write...but teach them 
how to use the writing you do to effectively grow 
their businesses.

* Include a graphical representation of your freebie. 
Whether it's an ebook cover, CD or DVD 
(to reflect an audio or video recording), 
these visual elements can draw the eye into your offer 
and give your freebie a higher perceived value. 
Both those things will increase your opt-in rates.

* Create a focused opt-in or lead magnet page. 
It's only purpose is to entice your visitors 
with the benefits of signing up for your list. 
Drive most of your traffic here, 
so you can grow your list more quickly.

* Share testimonials. 
If you've received feedback about your freebie 
or being on your mailing list, publish it. 
This kind of feedback is an important element 
of social proof that makes people want to sign up.

* Clearly tell the benefits and have a clear promise. 
Tell them in no uncertain terms 
what the benefit is of being on your list. 
This goes beyond the free document you're offering them, 
but tell them the benefits of continuing 
to get email from you.

* Set expectations for how often they receive mail. 
People hate spam, but if you tell them exactly 
how often you'll mail them, 
(E.g. "We'll email you a few times per week 
with easy to digest gardening tips") t
hey'll often be much more willing to sign up.

* Use a lightbox. 
A lightbox is a popover that greys out 
the rest of the screen when it pops over. 
It's one of the most attention catching ways 
to build a list. 
You can also use pop-ups, 
page footers and other tools that let you display 
an opt-in offer to your visitors.

* Link to a sample issue. 
Link to an issue of your newsletter 
that people can look through. 
Make sure to put your best foot forward.

* Use Facebook, Google Adwords and YouTube Ads. 
Free content and offers are perfect 
for creating successful ad campaigns.

* Write a guest post around your freebie. 
For example, write a guest post about 
"17 Mistakes AdSense marketers make" 
if you have a free report 
about how to succeed with AdSense.

* Promote your list on social media. 
Especially try posting relevant responses 
to popular hashtags in your industry. 
Get your friends to share your content too.
* Create a viral video. 
Have a link to your signup page on the video 
(you can do this easily with YouTube's editing tools) 
and also include it in the video's description.

* Launch a podcast. 
Promote your list in your podcast 
or have them opt-in to receive 
instant notifications of new episodes.

* Offer a "Secret Blog Post". 
Tell your blog audience that you're going to release
 a blog post only to your email list. 
Give them hints on what it will be about. 
What problem will you solve? What secret will they learn?

* Give list members discounts. 
If you sell products or arrange for special offers, 
give the best deal to your subscribers. 
Use this as leverage to get new people on your list.

* Add a signup box on every page. 
Add it on the right, on the bottom or both. 
Make sure it's visible throughout your website.

* Do a solo ad mailing. 
Buy solo ads from other people 
with mailing lists to promote your list.

* Do an ad swap. 
Mail a promotion to your list, 
then have someone else do the same with their list.

* Tell people who email you their question 
will be answered in the email list. 
Answer questions on your list rather than privately. 
Answering questions privately takes up too much 
of your time and benefits only one person, 
but when you can turn that answer into email content, 
everyone wins.

* Build your customer list. 
A customer list is even more valuable 
than a subscriber list
because once a satisfied customer buy once, 
they're more likely to buy again. 
Make sure you're including your customers
in your mailing list.

* Wall off long content. 
For example, on a 5 page article, 
make people sign in to their mailing list address 
after 2 pages to continue reading.

* Get them to share. 
Encourage your website visitors to refer a friend, 
share articles, etc. 
Install a "refer a friend" or "email this article" plugin. 
Add a note to the end of your emails 
to encourage sharing as well.

* Run a pay-per-lead affiliate campaign. 
Pay affiliates for every email signup they generate, 
rather than for sales. 
If you know what your short term or lifetime customer 
value is, you can come up with a cost-effective 
amount to pay your affiliates.

* Make it mandatory for free online tools. 
Give away free web tools, 
but make sure they sign up before using it.

* Add a signup form to your Facebook page. 
Facebook makes it easy to create a "sign up" button 
on your page and most autoresponder have a tool 
to make it easy to integrate with Facebook.

* Use press releases. 
Distribute press releases to online and offline media. 
Encourage press release readers to get your free offer.

* Have a sweepstakes or giveaway on your site. 
Encourage entrants to claim their free gift 
and subscribe to your mailing list. TIP: 
Don't automatically add sweepstakes entrants 
to your main list as it's not likely they'll remember you 
or be particularly responsive. 
Have them opt-in directly to hear more from you.

* Host a free webinar to collect names and addresses 
at registration. Or you can charge for the webinar
 and grow your list of customers instead.

* Be a sponsor. Sponsor sweepstakes 
or giveaways on other sites by offering a prize. 
Have the website link back to your free opt-in offer 
on their sponsor page.

* Get interviewed. 
Media is all around us and you don't have to be on a big TV 
show to get exposure. Get interviews on targeted podcasts, 
webinars and have them share your free offer.

Growing your list is all about sharing great content 
and each day you want to grow your business 
(that's every day, right?), 
should include list building in your schedule. 
Do this consistently and your list will continue to grow, 
giving you a steady steam of new potential clients 
and customers.

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