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Hello and welcome to our site, hope you will find it suitable for you in becoming your one stop online store for any product or Item you may have interest in knowing more and wish to purchase also our effort it s to have a warranty on most the products’ we suggest on our site.

Introduction of Me:

Since early age been working and involved in the so called street markets, I travel in many Country and done various jobs and of course met with lots of People ! which has given me few skills on what are the good quality items and at competitive price globally.

I m passionate for fashion, jewelry, costume jewelry, photography, painting, art in general, collectible items, gem stone and crystal, Motorcycle s, book s, antique, healing ways, ( Mind over matter)( think out the box) well been exercise, development of the mind in evolving, empowering and developing to be positive, food, cooking, gadget in general, music, instruments, photography, video, movies machinery, innovation, and the list goes on… ( to long to write here) .

My Parents owned few different restaurant in Milan and the in the South of Italy, I worked with them when needed and at 15 years of age I was already servicing the coffee Machine, fixing some common problem of the ping ball machine etch.in my school holiday gone to work into street Markets and travel by my self by train to City like Napoli and Roma to purchase my own Items to resell at half the price for what we had to pay from where I come from!

Then at the age of 17 with another 4 friends opened a Privite Disco club in the South of Italy and organizing dancing competition, private party s and functions, I win a competition for fashion stylist with Giorgio Armani, worked on beach resorts and discotheque, training in martial arts( judo, jujitsu. kendo ). And been doing TAI-CHI for the last 20 years.

Finish my school and achieve the diploma certificate and license in Italy to be an electrician and work for few years with a company there, also got a certificate to install alarm system and I did install my first solar power system in 1981! Travel abroad and done a course / training in becoming a technician for facades to insulation the exterior of building to save energy in Baden- Switzerland, worked in retail stores in few country like France and Germany, also in Italy:0)

Had my own business in low mowing/ gardening / grown bonsai, erbs, plants, trees etch. Worked as landscaper and maintaining park lands, worked at few restaurants, open few restaurants from scratch, worked into demolition of houses and the sale yard, invested in purchasing a couple of property with old houses and wile leaving in them I restored them been I m a decorator interior designer and qualified painter …And guys been honest here with you and I don’t want to brag on but this mentioned above it s only a quarter of where I have been, what I done and who I m and what I become but it s enough to give you an idea about me:0)

I want to help you

We all well know that many places out there are with greedy and scammers people, also to many fake product of low quality

and don’t get me wrong I din t say cheap !

If you know about the product or some expert in that particular field told you about or it put his name and business on the line most of the time to start you can save a quarter if not more of the cost that s advertised for of the average site ! so I want you to get the Best for less ! that s my promise: I will help you personally of help to anyone that come to my site and I promise once you see it and purchase some product / items : well you want to come back ! easy as that ! I will help you personally

My aim is to get for you the best for less!

Here I m now founder and owner of this Site and the goal that we aim is in wanting to create with your input, collaboration and questions a site that is basic an online market place where the clients can communicate share Idea experience and knowledge about product of interest, the clients and later on members are treated like friends, family members and helped in finding and making the right choice, advised, instructed, enplaned all about the desired product! and even if it s not here what you are searching for then I will personally find it for !

I wanted to name this side Bazar because eventually in the near future I will allow visitor, client, guest and members to sell some of theirs product even used products’ area if it s worth then we can sell and get money for you! simple

I want to make sure that the treatment, service will be an easy and satisfactory as possible for our clients like no other place on the entire WWW (World Wide Web)

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Online Power Marked ( director )

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